What Are The Various Types Of Vacuum Packaging Available

Vacuum packaged products are important to maintain their freshness. This extends the shelf life of the product and also preserves the original aroma of the goods. Vacuum packaging is necessary and is a popular method of packing items in most supermarkets and large grocery stores because it prevents breakage.

The vacuum packaging machine must be selected for the correct type of packaging for the product. There are several kinds of vacuum machines are available in the market. Each type of machine corresponds to the type of product to be sealed. You can also find out the Food Processing Equipment – Butchers Supplies and Tools via Barnco so as to make your work easier.

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Continuous Vacuum Machine:

This type of machine is offered with the advantage of four tilt angles on which the machine can work. This is very useful for sealing and storing aquatic products or items with liquids that have been facilitated by using this machine. The tilt angle ensures minimal to zero spillage, which makes the process smooth and hassle-free.

Automatic Vacuum Packaging Machine:

These machines are the most common on commercial networks because of their low investment and maintenance requirements. It also has the ability to seal liquids. However, it cannot be tilted and there may be slight leaks.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine:

However, this type of vacuum packaging machine uses a technique in which the air is flushed and the product is then washed with gases such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide, and oxygen. Gas cleaning is carried out before the packaging is heat-sealed.

It slows down oxygen considerably and inhibits the production of aerobic microorganisms. In this combination, nitrogen is used to pack the volume in the bag and avoid damage inside the package. CO2 is used in mixtures because CO2 when combined with water, forms carbonic acid, which acts as a barrier to microorganisms and ensures food safety. This combination is specifically used for the best results.

Thermoforming Packaging Machine:

The thermoforming vacuum packaging machine uses a special plastic stretch film with which the product can be tightly wrapped in a thermoformed packaging. This type of packaging is very useful because the shape used for the stretch film can easily be changed in the event of failure or breakage. They can be adapted to any size and shape.