What Are The Advantages Of Polished Concrete Floors In The Home?

Originally intended for basements with finished walls and commercial areas, polished concrete floors are now making their way into homes for residential use. Recent advancements in the capacity of staining and sealing concrete has boosted its appeal and aesthetics, allowing concrete to rival stone flooring, such as granite, marble and slate with a fraction of the price. 

Polished concrete floors can provide many benefits for homeowners and renovators. Visit https://www.maxraft.co.nz/Blog/Instance/Benefits-of-concrete-flooring-over-hardwood-flooring to avail polished concrete floors in nz.

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Below are some of the benefits of building your dream home using polished concrete floors or opening up the concrete floor of your existing home. 

Polished floors are long-lasting.

People who are most interested in creating eco-friendly homes are the first to adopt polished concrete floors, and for good reason. Sealing concrete has a very low impact on the environment.

If your home, as the majority, is built on top of a concrete slab, just sealing the concrete and sanding it will eliminate the need to purchase additional expensive flooring materials that are environmentally harmful.

In addition, the substances that are used to sand and seal the concrete floor are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which are harmful to the environment and reduce the quality of air inside and can cause negative health consequences. The compounds used to seal concrete floors don’t have an odor that lasts for a long time.

Treated Concrete is a great value

Along with polishing concrete to make it extremely sustainable and long-lasting, concrete has been the most affordable flooring option. It is the fact that concrete is installed in the majority of homes because the majority of houses are constructed around concrete slabs.

Later additions of wood vinyl, tile or carpet are placed on top of it. Concrete is second to bare earth when it comes to initial expenditure. In addition polishing concrete’s reflective surfaces could aid in reducing the cost of lighting for interior spaces. It is cool during summer, which can reduce the cost of cooling your home.