Use Mad Hatter Costume From Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland is one of the children's classic stories for generations. Since Alice in Wonderland is a classic, many brilliant and creative minds have shared colorful stories and reintroduced in more than one way. Thus, the image of the Mad Hatter can come in different shapes and colors.

However, there are key pieces that should not miss but still, there are many ways to mix and match key pieces to complete the Mad Hatter costume and bring life to this strange character. You can know more about Alice in wonderland from various web sources.

You can go with a yellow jacket, a blue vest, and a lace jabot. And to put an eccentricity in the whole ensemble, go with a pair of green velvet pants. Of course, you must not forget that the Mad Hatter's big hat to wear, or else you will just look like a strange fellow with a wild concept color combinations.

If you are not exactly the kind of brightly colored Mad Hatter, you can go for a darker Mad Hatter costume from Wicked Wonderland. Go crazy with a straight jacket style coat, one with a rope in the body, black of course.

Wear a pair of brown pants matching printed with a large hat. Bring nuttiness to a higher level by wearing a half-mask looking creepy. Brown leather shoes can work as your footwear. You can choose to wear black cotton gloves or simply paint your nails black.

Wearing a velvet jacket fitted with lace accents on sleeves and features a multi-colored ribbon, faux print shirt inside, more than the size of the printed odd bow and striped trousers with sewn flower accents.