Is Your Child a Thumb Sucker?

Thumb sucking is a habit seen the stereotype in some children. The practice begins the uterus in some cases can continue until the teen years if it did not intervene in time. Thumb sucking can have benefits until the age of six months over the years to help newborns in developing the muscles of the jaw and mouth.

But beyond this period, it can cause serious dental problems and the impact on overall health. Breathing irregularities in the alignment of the teeth, thumb sucking can cause a hell of a lot of trouble for your child in his later years. You can get more information about different ways to stop thumb sucking online.

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If your child does not start sucking his thumb in the three months following birth, it tends not to have the habit altogether. But once you see it, as a parent, you should not ignore the signs and take proactive steps to prevent it from becoming a habit. In most cases, the baby naturally abandoned the practice, but if they do not, you should visit a dental clinic for consultation

The negative results of Thumb Sucking

What may initially seem permanent can be a serious concern if you do not stop your child sucking thumb continues. In addition to trying to remedy the house, you can also visit a dentist for professional advice on the matter.

Here are some of the long-term consequences that your child may have to face in the future, they are to suck the thumb:

  • Jaw or palate can restrict your child
  • Airways may reduce
  • Changes in respiratory rate