All About 200 series rear bar

Rear bars offer a lot of protection to vehicles . They also serve as a mount for extra wheel carriers, water and fuel containers, light fixtures, radio aerials and other equipment. Even if you don't need the use of two spare tires , moving the spare from beneath the vehicle will allow for an installation for a long-range fuel tank.

In most cases, rear bars double as a towbar using a receiver for a hitch integrated in the chassis, that doesn't apply to the other vehicles. The Harrop E Locker functions as a fully-open differential until activated by the driver. Electromagnetic engagement means there’s no need for an air compressor to lock and unlock the mechanism.

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 Selecting a rear bar with twin wheel carriers   

  • Solid and durable construction, providing adequate protection for the rear and front wings.

  • Good departure angle;

  • Two wheel carriers, that can be removed easily , so the second spare could be removed when the vehicle is not in use.

  • Practical design

It was quite a surprise to find some poor design choices made by certain brands. In the end, the company decided to go with a bar manufactured through Outback Accessories . It is stylish and is a bit more modern in its design.

This Outback rear bar's two wheel carriers utilize conventional over-centre catches so that they won't get stuck in dusty conditions. Likewise, gas struts aid in an easy opening. The carriers are removed in just 10 minutes. The wings are tapered to make an ideal departure angle.