Yoga by the Beach is a Heavenly Experience


Yoga by the beach is an amazing and thrilling experience. It is not only medically beneficial to the human body, it also makes you equipped to get on with your trip in a superb way. Some of the benefits of doing yoga at the beach right after dawn are:

Creativity – It is a great creativity enhancer.

Relaxation – It relaxes nerves.

Nature – It is a great way to communicate with nature right when the day starts.

Breathing – The morning sea breeze is highly beneficial for lung health.

Postures – Morning air tends to give way to your body. It can bend into new postures without effort.

Nutrients – Early morning sunlight is a great source of vitamin D. our bodies can absorb maximum amount for vitamin D which is a treasure for bones.

Anti anxiety – Getting up early is a mood enhancing habit. Exercising on the beach reduces anxiety levels and improves blood circulation.

Removes inhibitions – Getting out in fresh morning air improves energy levels and allows ideas to flow smoothly. It helps in developing concentration on things you want to focus on and make you more enterprising.

Balancing art – Standing on sand improves balance. Yoga tends to put you in positions that usually we do not use. But it increases flexibility of muscles and reduces hidden body aches.

Solitude – the solitude is important to focus on your well being. Regular morning exercise routine is interrupted by traffic and passersby. But early morning on beaches are free from crowds and traffic interruptions.

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