Although it is always said that Juan Gutenberg invented the printing press, he only manufactured mobile types in metal.
But that “invention” was what made it possible for the printing press, which until then was made of wood, which made it impossible to print large print runs, spread all over the world.

Cristobal Colom did not “discover” America either. America had already been visited by the Carthaginians, the Greeks, the Egyptians, the Iberians, the Arabs, and the Vikings, even by the inhabitants of South Africa, and of course, it was discovered by its native inhabitants.

But Cristobal Colom, like Gutemberg, created a new technology, which made the trip to America easier.

At the same time, the history of Colom is a clear example of how each town explains history as it is politically interesting, and more in Spain, a state formed by four very different nationalities, each of them can see the same historical character in different ways. (For example, the Cid Campeador who in Castilla is seen as a popular hero who is able to put the king himself in his place, in Catalonia he is contemplated as a mercenary, who paid for by the Arabs fought the Count of Barcelona, ​​Berenguer Ramón II )

This is what this web is about, how the origins and the facts of a great man can be erased from all the books, for the sole economic and political interest of a king, a nation or a religion (or all of the posts of agreement), changing its genius and its noble origin for an alleged messianic illumination of the son of a woolly.

And already put, as the history of Colom is not the only lie of the history of Las Españas, on this website you will discover the true reality of the story. All this in order for the reader to be better placed at the time of Cristobal Colom, in his before and after. 

Here you can find how our Iberian ancestors, Celts, and Vascones were not so freaks, but we’re in contact with all the Mediterranean civilizations and allowed themselves to go to the funeral of Alexander the Great, sail to America and tracing the Amazon to find the Chachapoyas civilization in Kuelap , or manufacture and export mythos (beer) , many centuries before the “invented” the Germans. 

Or that the Visigoths did not unify anything, and had borders in permanent mobility (they never had the Balearic Islands) or that the Arabs did not invade us but instead emigrated and that the Spanish-Iberians used them to get rid of the Visigoths. 

That the so-called reconquest was a full-fledged civil war with a religious excuse to seize the lands of the Hispanic-Muslims and that they expelled the Jews who lived here for 15 centuries simply to rob them and make them pay the debt caused by the ” conquers “of Granada. (I mean, like in Iraq now).

And finally that Spain was not founded in 1492, that the War of Succession was not only by choosing king but between two ways of seeing Las Españas, democratic confederates and absolutist monarchists. And that in 1850 the kingdoms of Aragon were still considered non-constitutional and “assimilated.”