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How Do You Care For The Car Exhaust System?

Your car typically alerts you when it's time to care for the exhaust system. Your car's intricate diagnostics system monitors the exhaust system and alerts you when there's an issue. The check engine light often comes on when a problem pops up, such as a faulty catalytic converter or a broken oxygen sensor.

So, what can you do to ensure your exhaust runs smoothly? Here are some tips.

  • Pay attention to how your car is running. Listen closely for rattling sounds or loud exhaust noise, and be aware of vibrations. Any of these could be signs that something may be wrong with the exhaust system.

  • Monitor your gas mileage. If your car's fuel efficiency is slipping, there might be a problem with the exhaust system.

  • When the check engine light comes on, stop driving your car as soon as possible. Then either take your vehicle to get checked. We recommend using the services of your dealer or, if you're a skilled DIY mechanic, investigate the problem yourself and get any necessary parts to fix the problem.

  • Fix leaks and repairs quickly. Waiting too long to address a leak or fix a part of the exhaust system can damage other components.

  • Watch out for potholes and road debris. If your car hits a pothole or road debris, that could damage the exhaust system, particularly the muffler.

  • Cut back on short trips. Frequent short trips can wear down your car's exhaust system.