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Guide For Buying Second Hand Lead Tinning Machine

Lead tinning describes the soldier coating or tinning of SMT via odd and hole electronic components. There are companies who offer lead tinning services like solder coating, component remove, solderability testing, replace and rework, and more. These services would not be possible without a lead tinning machine.

Its process consists of automated or manual alloy application to new components process or stripping off old substance like gold or alloy from components and replacing this with new ones. Stations for flux, scavenge, wash, dry, unload or load are common. There is also the configuration of multiple component, single component, dynamic and static chemistry treatment, and angled inertion.

The demand for automated process by distributors, component suppliers, and customers are increasing day by day. Components which requires such process could be characterized as difficult to acquire, expensive, and used in very complex applications like military, medical, and aerospace applications. This gives an idea of how useful this stuff is, which is also the reason why you are trying to acquire one yourself.

Manually processing the tin dipping process would be prone to damages, error, and inconsistency. Today, most standards would require you to use automated processes for component tinning, and this is where the tinning machine comes in. No matter what your purpose of buying is, having one is a wise choice.

The only problem is, machines like these can cost you hundreds of dollars, depending on its functions. As much as possible, you want to save money on this so you can still use the money on other things. Consider buying second hand machines for this. It might not be new, but it would still function the same with new ones. Here are a few tips for buying second hand LTM.

Ask recommendations. Ask recommendations from your friends and colleagues who own one or from those who worked in companies that uses the same thing. Maybe they are selling their old one, or they know someone who does. Ask questions regarding with machine as well. There are also many sellers who are selling second hand machines online.

Find out if it comes with a warranty. Imagine buying something that will eventually break in just a few months, that would be irritating. The item you might be trying to acquire is not brand new, but it should still come with a warranty. Warranties are given to ensure buyers that the product is still in good quality. This also lets you repair or replace the item for free in the event that defects are found.

Inspect the item. Look for an automated system that delivers repeatability, precision, and defect free processing. Before you pay for it and head out the door, keep in mind that it is very important that you do a thorough inspection on the item to ensure that it functions well and there are no defects and damages.

As for the price, this depends on what functionality it has and the age of the machine. Most sellers would let you negotiate the price, so you have to be good at negotiating prices. Your goal here is to get the most inexpensive automated system, but you have to make sure that its quality would not be compromised.