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Design Your Kitchen Backsplash in Westchester County

Kitchen backsplashs are the most popular place to place glass tiles. In smaller kitchens, small mosaic tiles make the space appear larger. In larger kitchens, small mosaic tiles look more like solid court tiles. It will still look great and will be made especially for you.

You can visit the kitchen backsplash installation store in Westchester County to book the expert for the services. With all the glass mosaic tiles on the market, how do you choose what to use? Here are some installation ideas that can get you started. Creativity is the key here.

Cover your entire back with a solid color. This is great if you have a granite countertop that is heavily traded. Just pick a color you like, usually a neutral tone, then choose the type of tile you want. 

You can improve on this extensive arrangement of tiles by adding one or more colors at regular intervals. It breaks the hard field a bit. It just takes a few oddly colored tiles here and there to really change the overall look.

If you have a sturdy countertop, consider placing a glass tile mix. This beautiful choice of colors allows you to coordinate your desks, cabinets and furniture. Many companies sell certain color composite mixes, but there are some that will customize the mix for you. Done right and the glass tile mix makes the kitchen something everyone talks about.