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Tips To Break The Thumb Sucking Habit

We all have our feelings and children are no exception. While sucking thumb is not your child's worst habit, if it continues for too long it can later lead to some serious conservative bills. Here are some useful tips to break the habit before breaking the bank.

1. Focus on the positive

Instead of telling your child that they cannot suck their thumb, praise them when you notice that they are not doing so. This works especially well if it is a time when your child usually sucks his thumb (watches TV, just wakes up, etc.). You can also look for nipit to stop your child's thumb-sucking habit.

2. Limit the activity to bedtime only

Start explaining to your child that thumb sucking is only to help them fall asleep, not for doing out in public. If they forget, give them a gentle reminder, but avoid heavy confrontations about it. It takes time to adjust them.

3. Find a Substitute Soother

Children like to suck their thumbs because it is soothing for them. Try an appropriate substitution like a nice soft blanket or stuffed animal.

4. Give it time

Do your best to be patient and explain to your child that when they are ready to stop sucking the thumb, you will be ready to help them. This will take time but eventually, your child will fall out of habit.

Know about How to Stop Thumb Sucking

You always hear stories of people who have a problem stopping their children from sucking their thumbs. I recently heard one mother tell me that she had an eight-year-old daughter and she did not know how to stop sucking her thumb.

First, you have to ask yourself when children suck their thumbs. Many times a child will suck their thumbs when they are tired, bored and in need have comfort. You can also purchase thumb sucking guard online to stop sucking thumb for children in 5-21 days.

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There are all kinds of numbers of research out there that shows many children stop sucking their thumb by the age of 5, which I believe is true. However, I may be alone in this, but I think it was 3 years old that should be cut off point when the little ones need to stop sucking her thumb.

Thumb sucking is a habit that is very funny, but it can quickly turn into bad habits and addictive. If parents are not watching for it or think it was funny at age 5 or 6, they should talk to the dentist. Thumb sucking will disrupt the children's teeth are really bad.

Teeth will usually stand out and can have an effect on their speech. I also heard of a dentist, that if you see an adult who does not have the chin forward, there is a good chance that it is thumb-sucking at an early age in their lives.

How To Stop a Child From Sucking Their Thumb

Thumb sucking is one of the first function coordinated by a child for relaxation and enjoyment. Parents usually start to worry too soon about how to prevent this habit of children. It is not necessary to prevent these problems before the age of four unless parents detect problems in their teeth as a result of the strong sucking her thumb.

 Why Thumb sucking becomes a problem: – Thumb sucking causes severe problems if it lasts long after the eruption of the permanent teeth. This problem will be more severe if the result after the age of five and four. Extended finger and thumb sucking can create crowded crooked teeth or bite problems.  You can get complete information about the best thumb sucking guard available via online.


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A child may also develop a language problem or a problem with eating right. Malformations of teeth can affect the appearance of the child and cause additional psychological problems. Most children outgrow this behavior by twenties before when it was relatively benign.

The best method to get your child to stop sucking their thumb is to find a method to help him finish it.

Talk Do not fight the bad bacteria in our hands and the way that puts them in his mouth slightly when engaged in sucking principle. Carefully remove your child's thumb out of her mouth during sleep Give your child extra attention and see whether conflicts or provoke stress thumb sucking.

 In case help him find a healthier way to take care of tension. Gift your child for progress made towards the goal. Paint something that tastes bad on his thumbs, such as vinegar or pickle juice. Distract your child when you see him put his thumb in his mouth.

In case you engage him in tasks that require both hands, he will need to take the thumb out of his mouth to do the job. Keeping the children's hands busy using toys, mystery or action of interest.