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Eat Green – How to Find Eco-Friendly Restaurant

A great way to encourage and support sustainable food production is to be selective about where you choose to dine. It is good to buy seasonal produce from your local farmers market, supermarket organic brands and study nutrition labels to check for artificial preservatives and high sugar content. 

When it comes to sustainable food brands, choose restaurants that are conservative in energy consumption. They have applied principles of sustainable green architecture in their building construction. Here are some tips to help you dine wisely.

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Organic menus – Choose restaurants that provide the list items that are organic, sugar-free or fattening on their menus, as well as mentioning the farm it comes from. In most cases, this farm will be a small local outfit that employs responsible agricultural practices.

Sustainable seafood – Go for fish menus that appear on the list as sustainable food brands. Avoid feasting in restaurants that serve advertising choices such as bar, farmed Atlantic salmon, grouper and monkfish.

Sustainable Restaurant architecture – You should dine-in restaurants whose buildings were designed and built using sustainable methods that are energy efficient environmentally. These restaurants tend to also have an organic menu, focused on health. 

Become a vegetarian! – In most cases go to a vegetarian restaurant guarantee that you not only get to enjoy a healthy meal but also dine in an eco-friendly environment in terms of sustainable food menus, efficient consumption energy, and water, the green removal methods, minimum use of chemicals and reduced pollution.