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Why Should I Use Youth Group Tracking Software?

Each youth group’s goal is to have a way to track students. Knowing that was there, and when, is one of the main effective measures for growth for each group that meets regularly. For more information about youth group tracking software, check out scholar attendance tracker, which provides effortless attendance tracking.

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The key reasons you should be using software to track attendance at your services and events.

1. No more paper

Even in today's digital world, many groups still use paper sheets and visitor information cards to distribute new students that come to their events. Using youth group tracking software you can get rid of all the paper and begin to store your notes electronically.

2. Easy, fast & fun

By switching to a computer-based software system, the students will enjoy signing in to your weekly services and special events. Gone are the paper, and the scramble to find enough pens and pencils for everyone.

3. Know which students are missing

Your database will be built by using a tracking software package youth group, you'll never have to wonder what has been missing from your event. Now you can quickly and easily view reports in attendance last week, the week before it was even a year ago at this time.

4. Improving communication between leaders

Using a software solution to keep records of your youth group will ensure that all the necessary information at your fingertips. Armed with this info, you and your leaders will have a name, email, phone number and link up to all your students, so you can quickly and easily connect with your students through the week.