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Choosing Home Theater Speaker Wire

If you own an audio system for your home or a pair of loudspeakers then you'll need to obtain the best audio quality and the maximum performance of your speaker system. The great thing is that you will be able to get an impressive sound quality improvement from your speakers for the smallest investment in high audio wires of high quality. 

The lower AWG gauge for a speaker wire signifies the ability or capacity to more efficiently transmit the audio electrical signal across the conductor of the speaker wire. The standard or accepted wire gauge range is between 12 Gauge Speaker Wire and 18 gauge wire.

12AWG Speaker Wire

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Selecting the right the best home theatre speaker wire isn't an exact science, but there are some basic rules you must adhere to when choosing the speaker wire that you will use for your audio system. A majority of the high-end audio shops will gladly sell you expensive speaker cables that might not work with your system's audio requirements. It is possible to spend hundreds of dollars or pounds on wiring that is not justified in making any distinction on the majority of home audio and home cinema systems.

If you are deciding on the best size speaker wire for the home theater, cinema system, or hi-fi system, you must consider the reputation of the company and the manufacturer of the cable and the quality of sound you'd like to achieve within your budget. It is also important to calculate the length of the speaker cable installation as well as how much of the cable you will need to connect to the speakers. 

If you're installing the home theatre system and need to surround sound in the rear of your home, then more cable runs are required and you must be aware that long runs of wire can cause problems due to the audio quality loss because the loss of electrical current via the cables.