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Everything You Need To Know About usukuchi soy sauce

The main aspect to consider in low sodium soy sauce is that its low sodium. There is a reason that Japanese Kikkoman, as well as Yamasa brands with low sodium soy sauces, are expensive when compared with the normal soy sauces made by these identical brands. This is due to the fact that the process for making soy sauce begins with an identical amount of salt regardless of whether you're making regular or low sodium sauce.

When making lower sodium sauces the same steps are followed as for regular soy sauce with an additional step towards the end of the process to remove the excess sodium. Because low sodium soy sauces cost more than regular "high octane" counterparts and are intended to be consumed mostly at tables for dipping (with sushi, for instance). You can buy the high-quality usukuchi soy sauce 12 online.

Japanese Soy Sauce Guide - Japan Centre

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If you're looking to lower the sodium content in the dish, you can make use of smaller amounts of regular soy sauce instead of using the higher-priced low sodium sauce. Be aware that low sodium sauces must be stored refrigerated…they are more likely to spoil because they contain less sodium (which is, in the end also an ingredient used to preserve food).

It's something we've presented hundreds of times over the last two decades and here it is in the form of a print. We hope it can help someone out in the world avoid suffering from sodium poisoning!