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Who Are the Social Media Experts

There is much controversy about who qualifies as a social media expert these days.

The point is, anyone can do it! That's the whole beauty of social media marketing. This is really the simplest way to get your business moving and, for me, everyone in the business should apply the tools that are excellent for their marketing strategies.

As in every new trend, people will claim to know more than others or to be better at it than others but, honestly speaking, no one has the right to say that they are the best or the only expert in the field, Some users of social media are really fast and understand the nuances of using it and others can not see the big picture.

It is hard for companies to determine who has the experience, knowledge, and talent to offer these services because there are no real parameters to assess a social media specialist. I think what is important is you, the business owner, to feel comfortable with the person or company that has been used to develop a marketing strategy for your business SM.

There are some obvious questions that you can ask before you commit though.

1. How long have you used Social Media?

A professional consultant should be able to explain that the new form of marketing evolved from the concept of one-to-one selling and through the use of direct response marketing techniques which, when applied to the Internet is growing into a large number of interactive social sites like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. The theory of social media has been around for ages but pursued a more traditional marketing approach.

2. What is the background that you select "Expert" have?

My experience has shown that people with no understanding or experience in traditional marketing will struggle with the concept because they do not see the bigger picture of how social media can help them. Each application has it's placed and may not be related to all users. Such as TV, radio, press, and direct mail, social media is a marketing tool and needs to be applied to the overall strategy.