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Why Cloud Data Sharing is Essential?

Scaling data storage and analytic operations is one of the greatest challenges most businesses face today. The best way to overcome that challenge is with faster network connections. With Luminex MDI software, you get the reliability of wire cabling infrastructure but also access to industry-leading network performance. This partnership extends not only on-premise but also into the private and public clouds. If you are thinking of choosing one such solution for your organization, you must visit https://luminexmdi.com/solutions/luminex-mdi-cloud-data-sharing

There is no denying that the cloud's ability to scale and reduce costs makes it an ideal data storage option, but one of its greatest benefits, fast access to and transfer of data, is slow, at best.

The solution? As a leading provider of high-performance, energy-efficient storage systems, Luminex Corporation has developed MDI technology for transferring large files into the cloud quickly and securely. MDI reduces the time it takes to move information from your on-premise storage devices into the cloud by using parallelized central processing units (CPU) and network-attached modules (NAMs). This breakthrough technology can be incorporated into your existing storage infrastructure or applied as a software-only solution.

If you're moving your data to the cloud, you need a fast, reliable way to move it. Luminex MDI is a revolutionary new technology that significantly increases the performance of TCP/IP data transfers while reducing network costs and improving network security.