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Questions to Ask an Engineer Recruiter

If you are going to hire a recruiter for recruiting engineers then you must consult the best among all the engineer recruiters. For that, you will have to prepare some questions and have to ask them in terms of what they can do so that you can make an educated decision. If you hire a recruiter who is wrong, it can end up hiring the engineers who do not have the required skills and experience. This will lead to a huge loss for your company.

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Below are some of the questions which you can ask your recruiter before hiring him/her:

What industry are you involved in?

It is important to know in which industry the recruiter is involved. You should find out what are the areas they work in so that you can potentially get help anywhere else when you need it. If recruiters engineers also work in IT or administrative, you can use the same recruiter for all your hiring needs.

What services do you offer?

Not every engineer recruiters offer the same services. Some will only help with the actual search. 

Some of the services that can be provided include:

– post a job

– temporary filling

– initial interview

– reference checks

What area of the country that you recruit for?

Many recruiters will be able to provide you with recruiting for the whole country.

What does it cost?

You need to be aware of all the costs involved with working with a recruiter of engineers. There are two ways for recruiters to charge – a percentage-based or flat fee. Select the way which is good for both i.e. the company as well as the recruiter.