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Key Points To Help You Select Mailing Services Provider

Before choosing a mailing house, be sure to do some serious research: The relationship of a direct mail sender with their direct mailing house is very important to the success of the company's direct mail shots, so proceed with caution. Here are some things that will help you when searching for the right mail service company …

Look at the background of a letter house and ask for references – reputable letter companies will be happy to give you testimonials. Contact the mail house client, both large and small to find out how they feel about the services provided by the mail company – this is also useful to find out how long they have been working with the mail house. Positive recommendations must always be top of the list when choosing a print and mail outsourcing company.

Are they DMA registered? DMA or the Direct Marketing Association has a stringent set of criteria that Direct Mail Companies must adhere to if they want to become members. Membership applications are only accepted from companies that have been in business for more than two years, and the DMA examines the background of prospective members for examples of financial instability or county court assessments. Representatives from the DMA visited the mailing house together with members of the Mailing House Board to check the information on their application forms was accurate in terms of quality and process.

If a successful DMA member must stick to the prescribed code of practice. There are currently 120 direct shipping companies with DMA membership – find one by looking at the DMA website or ask the company directly if they are registered – they will have the DMA logo on their website or literature.