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The Different Types Of Basement Flooring In Wheatley, ON

There are many reasons why you may be looking into replacing or upgrading your current basement flooring. You may wish to convert your existing basement space from a storage area to a recreational room for your family to spend time together.

You may want to install a working wet bar and a large TV for a football weekend.  Or maybe you want to have a spare guest room when the company is away. Whatever your specific plans for your basement, there are many options on the market today for choosing the floor.

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Before buying or installing basement flooring, it's always a good idea to have a professional check your basement for humidity. The most common floor used today is concrete, which is in direct contact with the ground.

For this reason, in order for the new floor, you are about to install to function properly, it is important to inspect your basement for any moisture buildup. Once you have determined that your current concrete floor is properly sealed and ready for a new coat, you can proceed.

The most common floors in basements are often installed in other parts of the house. Hardwood and laminate flooring, carpet, and porcelain or ceramic tile are popular choices for basement floors.

Depending on your aesthetic goals and specific design requirements, it is entirely up to your taste which flooring you choose. Again, as long as your concrete floor is sealed and you don't live in an area that is subject to constant flooding, you have quite a lot of floor covering options.