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Paint Correction For Your Vehicle In Edmonton

Paint correction is the process of greasing a painted car surface to remove blemishes so your paintwork looks its best. Scratches, oxidation, and water stains spoil the appearance of the paint underneath.

Think of the paint on your car as a flat piece of land; These defects appear as valleys or holes in this diagram and reflect light differently. To get the most gloss and specular reflection, light needs to be reflected directly from the surface. For that, your car needs paint rectifying in Edmonton.

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Now let's talk about how to get this error. Eddies, scratches, oxidation, and water stains are the most common paint defects on our cars. Eddies look like cobwebs in your paint when viewed in direct sunlight or with appropriate LED lighting.

There were thousands of straight strokes in all directions. They can be caused by a tunnel wash system, improper washing/drying, or the infamous “dry wipe” after driving or before a car show to remove dust.

Water stains are left after washing with hard water, not drying the car completely, or from this auto wash. They look like little circles that pick up the transparent layer of your car once the water dries. Washing or wiping repeatedly won't cut it and can often damage the paint further.

Machine polishing and sanding removes a bit of the transparent layer around this imperfection, smoothing the surrounding transparent layer and making it invisible.