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Air Bearing Manufacturer And Supplier

An air cushion is a device designed to inflate with compressed air to form an initial seal with the floor surface and after further inflation creates a thin layer of air between the bearing and the floor surface causing the air cushion to float. similar to hovercraft.

An air bearing is a non-contact system in which air acts as a lubricant separating two surfaces in relative motion. You can choose the best air-bearing products from here https://www.hovair.com/hovair-products/air-bearing-kits-new/.

Air bearings have the following properties and advantages:

1. Minimal friction and high accuracy over a wide speed range

2. No lubrication with oil or grease

3. There are no clothes

Air cushion technology offers tangible benefits for applications where accuracy, speed, and reliability are important.

The efficiency of Western Air Bearing Technology regularly exceeds the parameters of conventional bearing systems with speeds, power in the range, load capacities, and bearing hardness.

Air cushions cannot work independently. It is designed to be installed in weight modules that are strong enough to withstand heavy loads. The air cushion must also have airflow control. This is usually done via an airflow control valve installed in the load module or via a remote control system.

Air cushions do not touch at all unless abused or abused, they do not wear out. With a brushless motor and optical encoder, the rotating element is contactless. As bearing wear is eliminated, there is no bearing downtime. Life is practically unlimited.

With two-plane balancing and smooth performance, your equipment can run at high speeds without the risk of vibration, so your equipment can run faster and more accurately.