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How To Care For Your New Piercing

There are two ways to clean a new piercing. Many exercises recommend a saline solution i.e. saltwater. Our bodies are made up of salt and water, so contact solutions and the like are made of saltwater.

If you go this route, use a paper towel or something that isn't fibrous — not cotton balls and soak it in salt so it's nice and wet, then use it as a sloppy compress that punctures him. There are lots of sprays. You can also browse online resources to find information about the Piercing Aftercare Spray.

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Sometimes they're meant to wash wounds, so the sprays are a little stronger, but from time to time you can find nice misting sprays that are good for the inside of the ear – it's easier to get there. I would only recommend sticking something in your ear so the spray doesn't get into your ear canal.

But the way I usually advise people to clean their piercings, I find it a little more practical because everyone showers – you know, most of the time – with just soap and water. It doesn't matter what brand of soap, as long as it doesn't contain alcohol and/or perfume.

Soap and water have worked for thousands of years and will continue to work today. You shouldn't use alcohol or peroxide because while they are both clean, they also strip away moisture, leading to more scarring. You want to clean your piercing twice a day.