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Looking For Best Marijuana Delivery Service?

The act provides marijuana delivery permits to licensed medical marijuana centers and transportations, as well as licensed retail marijuana shops and transporters. These permit the centers, stores, transporters, and stores to deliver medical marijuana, medical cannabis-infused products, retail marijuana products, and medical marijuana to their customers. 

The state licensing authority has the authority to regulate the permit and delivery system. The permit is valid for a year and can be renewed with the license. Each delivery is subject to a one-dollar surcharge. 

This money is remitted either to the county or the municipality in which the store or center is located for any local law enforcement costs. Weed delivery facility is limited to one per day and restricted to private residences. College campuses are not eligible. 


Delivery persons are protected by the act from criminal prosecution. Delivery is allowed only in jurisdictions that have voted to allow it, either by referendum or by its governing board. The January 2nd, 2020 deadline for medical marijuana delivery permits for medical marijuana centers.

And January 2nd, 2021 for all retail marijuana delivery permits for medical marijuana transporters and medical marijuana delivery permits. We don't sell potency or products, we are focused on finding the best solution for each person. Excellent customer service and knowledgeable staff.