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Tower Cranes Basic Components and Parts

Tower cranes are installed at various construction sites to move building materials such as concrete, steel structures, and sandbags. They are also used to transport heavy equipment including cement mixing plants, generators, and other equipment. 

In the early stages of construction, these cranes play an important role, helping workers to keep the construction work going.

Mounted precisely at the top, the tower crane easily reaches any part of the building for lifting and placing heavy building materials. If this useful machine stops working and you require some parts to replace the faulty ones, then visit www.trt.co.nz/cranes/kobelco-crawler-cranes to buy crane parts online from a reliable supplier.

There are many different types of tower cranes available, but they all have the following parts in common:

Base: This is an important part of the crane as it provides the connection between the concrete and the steel structure. The steel structure of the tower crane is bolted to the concrete base.

Mast: Another important part that attaches to the base and provides the tower crane's height. The lift helps the crane operator and technician to reach the cab and the driver's arm from the base.

Rotating Devices: Also known as mobile devices which allow the crane to rotate nearly 360 degrees. The rotation of the tower crane around its own axis is called rotation. This device consists of a motor and gears that allow the crane to rotate.