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Is Indoor Weed Objectively Better Than Outdoor?

Indoor grow cannabis allows growers to control and fine-tune all growing conditions, ranging from temperature and humidity of the room, for the amount of time the plants receive light, nutrients that are used.

Another great benefit of the most praised by fanatics in the room is cleaner (less "grassy") flavor is associated with a more sterile environment.

Other considerations that tend to be overlooked is the environmental impact of this growing method.  You can check about indoor Cannabis cultivation via an online search.

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Plants are grown indoors using electricity. Climate control energy use significantly more than one outdoor grow not; electricity is expensive, but the sun is free.


  • Beautiful bud
  • Available year-round
  • Typically less "grassy" flavor


It can easy to produce in comparison to weeds in the room.  Marijuana grows better under the sun.  It is a cost-effective method for growers as it takes less timeless time on hand-pruning pound herb.

Somewhere down the line, outdoor marijuana gained a reputation as inferior to sprout indoors


Benefits of plants from the full spectrum of sunlight (which can not be replicated with LED)

  • Cheaper
  • Safe pesticide, or not at all
  • A lower environmental impact

Both styles grow their own pros and cons, but as far as the potential and the price point goes, outdoor (or sun-grown) has a foot in the room.