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What To Know About Commercial Window Replacement

There are many components for commercial windows. Consider each of these when working with a commercial window replacement provider.


One type of glass is called liquid glass. Tempered glass is usually used in construction, but it is also the weakest and breaks down into large stiletto shards. However, thermally reinforced glass (TTG) is four times stronger and much less dangerous. You can also hop over to https://www.palmdaleglass.com/services/commercial-glass-services to get the best commercial glass services.

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There is also partially tempered heat-strengthened glass; however, it broke into a large dagger, making it somewhat dangerous.

Some glasses have a thick polyvinyl center layer that holds the two pieces of glass together. This reduces breakage and, depending on the viscosity, can increase heat capacity.

Laminated glass also has two layers of glass that are glued with an intermediate layer to reduce fragmentation. A thin protective film can even be applied to monolithic glass or foil to reduce uncontrolled damage from objects such as the explosion of foreign bodies.

North American Fenestration Standards


All glass is quality tested through forced resistance to water ingress, water ingress, air leakage, load-deformation, and structural testing. Water penetration resistance is based on design pressure and varies depending on light or heavy commercial purposes with raised dormer windows.

Risk Of Explosion

Rocks, debris, flying glass and debris can harm the glass. Glass is tested to determine whether it meets the American Association of Architectural Manufacturers (AAMA) minimum requirements for explosion shock waves, light, sound, and heat.

Contact a commercial window replacement company to determine which product the building code requires. Professional window replacement specialists have all the information at hand, just ask!