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What Type of Truck Is Required For Freight?

A vehicle and trailer requirements depend on the weight and dimensions of the commodities that you want to transport. There are many different types of trailer attached to the truck. For example, the flatbed is an open platform with no covers. Also, the step-deck flatbed have lowered the center so as to obtain sufficient vertical space for tall items to bridge. You can visit the official website https://rcstrucking.com/flatbed-division where you get to know more about flatbed trucks.

A dry van is the most typical type of trailer, which is what you think of as a semi-truck trailer which is typical or so-called 53-foot van. Many of the smaller shipping trucks of 40 'or 24' lengths that are more accessible to small businesses and the delivery of housing.

The weight and dimensions of the load will determine whether the shipment is a full truckload (FTL), less than truckload (LTL), or volume / partial truck (VPTL or PTL). Shipments totaled only a few pallets, generally do not use more than 10 to 16 feet of trailer space (depending on the carrier). It mean that qualifies you as LTL shipments. 

A Special note to FTL or flatbed customers, they need to prepare arrangements for delivery of the load and unload the truck, especially if the desired goal is to save money. The maximum weight for a truck is usually about 40-44000 pounds (18 to 20 thousand kilograms). If your submission is occupying 12-14 or more linear feet of trailer space, then it qualifies as volume or partial load.