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Integrate Data Security Into Digital Transformation

The company invests and uses new technology, including big data, the Internet of Things (IoT), cellular payments, end-to-end computing, AI, and cloud services.

When implemented, this technology is part of a digital strategy service that can help businesses in extraordinary ways. The technology allows companies to analyze data that reveals new business opportunities, for example.

Technology can also enable companies to open new payment methods to increase customer orders. In addition, companies can also make smart graphics. You can check various online sites to know more about digital transformation.

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However, given the speed of adoption of such technology that requires the use of sensitive data, protecting and encrypting data is not a priority, leaving the door of security for cybercriminals.

Why is encryption important?

Encryption is the main solution that companies use to protect their data. Even if there is a data breach, encrypted data can be difficult to use unless data access has the correct key to decrypt the data.

When moving data to the cloud, most companies lose control of the storage and protection of the encryption key. The best practice is to separate the encryption key from the data. When moving data to the cloud, companies can keep control of their encryption keys and ensure that the keys are separate from the cloud provider.

Protecting sensitive data in a multi-cloud environment can be a challenge for most organizations that seek compliance because they need to show that data is under their control. With the advent of compliance regulations such as GDPR, non-compliance will be punished more severely than in the past.