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Why Experts Use CCTV Footage In Crime Scene

Tracking the movement of a person is the key process of many criminal investigations.

With services for the analysis of cell sites that are tailored to your individual needs so that you see the best results, this digital forensics specialist can determine the motion of any mobile phone that records data that can be obtained. These can then be used in accordance with other evidence such as CCTV footage in a variety of criminal investigations. If you want to learn more about enhance CCTV footage, visit https://cognitech.com/cognitech-video-investigator-64/


Every time the phone is used, it is documented and kept on record by the telephone operator. Therefore, should the criminal use of their phones before, during or after they have committed a crime, the police can request data from the telephone company poles are used. They can then work with a cell site to measure the signal from the pole near the designated location and then narrow down exactly where the phone can be used.

Analysis of cell sites is a highly technical process, which is why it was done using state-of-the-art equipment by knowledgeable and experienced analysts working on it every time. 

The information collected and analyzed by a team they can be presented in court by one of their expert witness who has had considerable experience in presenting this kind occurred in the courtroom. This evidence can then either be used by the prosecution to prove that the suspect was in the area the crime was committed at a particular time, or to confirm the alibi defence.