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Is The Authenticity Of Electronically Signed Documents Guaranteed?

Until now, the relationship between Public Administration and new technologies is rare.

However, the good results achieved by private organizations that invested in technology, and new laws that apply General Administration to establish a method that allows citizens to have a fluid relationship with the Administration, has radically changed the situation.

In general, businesses today find themselves needing to communicate with clients, employees, and providers through various types of electronic documents which must ensure integrity and authenticity constantly. You can find out how to electronically sign PDF documents online via eSign Genie.


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The electronic signature allows the Administration to process a large number of petitions and questions without having to move physically.

Believe the new model

Electronic signature and digital are often confused, although the differences in a professional environment is clear. An electronic signature is a digital signature that is stored in hardware, while the digital signature is a piece of software (certificate and password).

In other words, an electronic signature is a group of data in electronic format associated or combined with other data, can be used as a way to identify the signer. A digital signature, on the other hand, is digital mathematical scheme that adds more information to document enables the identification and authentication of the sender and the document data through an encrypted format key digital signature.

Each modification is applied to cancel the document electronic signature and the document loses any legal value.