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Understanding DUI Law in Pennsylvania

For many people accused of DUI, the arrest process is truly frightening and inhumane. Many DUI defendants are proud to be productive and positive citizens so that being handcuffed and treated like a criminal can be a life-changing experience.

However, DUI arrest is not that much intimidating when people have a basic understanding of DUI law. A good Pennsylvanias DUI lawyer can help you a lot in this case.

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A person can be charged with DUI if he drives a motorized vehicle on the road under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The police can stop the car on suspicion of a DUI only if they have "probable causes" to believe that the driver has committed a crime or violation.

Types of "crimes" that can justify stopping police vehicles include potential violations of vehicle codes such as speeding, crossing lanes, turning with a wide radius, following other cars too closely, braking erratically or driving at night with the lights off.

The police can also stop the vehicle if the registration or inspection expires or if they put a plate into their computer system and there are some problems with vehicle registration.

The Pennsylvania DUI law has a three-tiered punishment system depending on a person's blood-alcohol level. The penalty for DUI penalties increases with each level. The most severe penalties apply to those who drive with blood alcohol levels of 8.0 to 0.099 percentage.