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Dirty Chai Latte: What is it?

Dirty Chai Latte is a drink with a caffeine content made with masala chai (spiced Indian tea) and an energizing drink of espresso. If served with an ice-cold milk splash, it's the perfect way to wake up! It's a spicy Indian tea mixed with espresso shots. 

With sugar, spices, and all nice things, it is no wonder that this hidden gem is featured on the coffee shop' is a not-so-secret menu. This “Dirty Chai” coffee substitute has been a hit among the masses!

We'll give you a sneak peek at a secret dirty chai recipe that's sure to bring the coffee lover within you squealing with joy. It's been tested and proven to be reliable. The recipe is a dirty-chai latte recipe that Starbucks does not want you to be aware of.

What is Dirty Chai?

It's a heavenly drink that gives new meaning to the classic masala chai drink and espresso lattes. Spiced tea is at the heart of this distinctive drink. cinnamon, as well as ginger and nutmeg, simmer in milk to make a perfect cup of masala chai.

In addition, espresso is the other ingredient that brings everything else and gives a rich, earthy taste and a pint of stimulating caffeine, and a silky taste. 


Dirty chai lattes are the perfect drink made with masala chai (spiced Indian tea) which is blended with a delicious Espresso shot. The beautiful combination of the rich spice and tea is combined with rich milk and coffee to give you the perfect latte taste.