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Diamond Studs – The Perfect Gift Of Love

Diamonds are considered to be one of the most beautiful gifts a person can give. When it comes to diamond earrings, there are many great options to choose from. Diamond Spikes are the perfect gift for any time. An important factor to note is that they must be unique to others.

When buying the best moissanite diamond studs, the first thing you should pay attention to is its originality. One of the best options is to have the diamond rated by a trusted jeweler who can test the diamond without damaging it. Buyers can monitor their reflection, their weight, check for X-rays, and place the stone under UV light.

Old diamonds tend to look thick and lumpy on small tables and tall crowns. Also, many of these ancient stones lack luster and shine. Many styles and patterns have been developed in recent years, either for aesthetic or functional reasons. 

Princess halo cut diamonds are designed to maximize the brilliance of each diamond. Each diamond is viewed individually to achieve the most extraordinary play of light on the diamond, including table width, pavilion depth, crown angle, girdle thickness, facets, and stone symmetry.

The main styles are hoop earrings, chandeliers and hangers. Princess diamonds look good on women with wider faces, while round diamonds look good on women with slimmer faces. 

Choosing a diamond is not a big deal, but choosing the best diamond is a big deal. If you like your own design, you can choose a style and stone that reflects your personality. If you decide to make your own earrings, you can combine a platinum or white gold bracelet with a stone of your choice.