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Reasons Smell from Sewer System Enters your Home

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Your home should be protected from plumbing systems, sewer gas leaks etc. The sewer system is one of the rare yet major problems faced by many homeowners. Here’s why the smell from the sewer system enters your home.

  1. Due to Leakage – Improper placements of the vents and pipes force bad smell to enter your home. Along with the leakage, if there are cracks in the plumbing system leads to a bad smell entering our home.
  2. Due to the Bad Condition of the Pipes – Sewer system pipes are installed in our homes to protect from human waste exposure. However, if the pipes have cracks or are degraded will force a bad smell to enter your house.
  3. Due to the Blockage of Air Vents – Toxic gases stay away from our home due to the presence of air vents. Dirt and debris inside our homes are known to get accumulated on the surface of the vents. This weakens the capability of the vents to block toxic gases.
  4. Due to the Plumbing System Becoming Dry – The free movement of water from the sewer system acts as a shield to keep bad smells from entering our home. However, when there is a restriction to the movement of water it leads to getting dry. If the sewer system becomes dry, it forces the bad smell to enter our home. It is important to ensure that the water inside the sewer system does not dry.

These are the reasons bad smells enter our homes. Speak to a professional to tackle this problem and also do home plans if needed.