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The Ultimate Guide For Trekking Tours

If you have plans to go on a trek in Bhutan, there brace yourself for a fun and solid adventure ahead. Bhutan, a small nation in Eastern Himalayas, is known as the happiest place on earth. The nation is isolated which is the reason why they were able to preserved their tradition and culture. This is why there are Bhutan trekking tours here, its gives you a unique experience.

The place is not crowded, which allows adventurers to explore the place easily, letting you dive into untouched and ancient trails. Majority of this country are covered in forests, making it ideal for hiking, which can last from two days up to a month. The trekking routes that are available here have different variations, there are easy ones and some are very challenging ones.

The best time to go here would be March, April, May, then September, October, Number. These months are the peak season and also the best seasons to trek. It is crucial for adventurers to avoid the season of monsoon. The summer here starts in April, and showers lasts up until June.

June to September are the monsoon season. During these times, trek are unsafe, most especially in the Southwest border. For those of you who will be traveling here during the winter, that is from December to March, only go on treks with low altitude. On the eastern parts, you will be able to experience warm temperatures, but that temperatures could drop once you climb up.

This means, you are prone to experiencing heavy snowfall. The best time to come here is during the spring, but it will still be possible to trek all year. A good strategy would be to make an itinerary during the months when there are many events and festivals here. This will surely make your experience more unforgettable and fun.

Bhutan always make sure that the volume of tourism is low, but with high quality. This means, they make sure that the number of visitors is only minimum, so even on their peak seasons, the crowds is not that many. They were able to maintain this by implementing a 250 dollars tourist fee per day.

You can have your visa arrange by a local tour operator. Included in the fee is your accommodation, transport, meal, a tour guide, haulage and camping equipment. It also includes a sustainable tourism royalty. This royalty will go to healthcare, free education, and more. Meaning, you are contributing to their community, which keeps them unspoiled by the mass tourism.

Majority of the routes here are considered as a good trail. Most treks starts in Paro or the other similar locations like Bumthang. Every trek has been graded, and you do not need special equipment for climbing for this. Although you might need to consider giving time allowances, especially when you plan to trek on higher altitudes.

You can find tons of trails in this nation, and each of them differs in landscape, altitude, length, and difficulty. Popular routes where tourists usually treks are Druk Path for beginners, Snowman for beautiful but tough experience, Chomolhari to experience high mountain, Bumthan Owl is popular and very easy, and many more. The best tip for this trip would be to get yourself prepared before the trek.