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Airport Parking – What Type of Parking Provision Should You Choose?

You have already booked your flight. Now you must book your car parking at the departure airport. The options for airport parking are confusing when you look online. It may seem that price is all that matters. However, this could be a mistake as you will only be parking your car. If you make the wrong decision, your trip could be negatively affected. We will now discuss the pros and cons of each option so that you can make an educated decision.

Onsite Sydney airport parking

This seems like the obvious choice. Each airport has its own parking lot for short- and long-term use. Parking on-site at airports can be very expensive. It may also be the official airport parking, but how far from the terminal is it? Imagine being forced to park your car in rain, then having to walk the long distance to the terminal to get your bags. Is the car park available 24/7? If your car doesn't start upon your return, will someone be there to help?

Airport parking

Parking at the airport is usually cheaper than off-airport parking. Be prepared to wait for the shuttle transfer, and to drive up to 20 minutes to the airport. You should also check the shuttle transfer frequency and distance from the airport. Also, make sure the car park is available 24/7. If you have difficulty starting your car, will they be able to help? A few of our guests recently returned from vacation to discover their car was covered in snow. No help was offered to them to get it out.

Airport parking comparison sites

Many sites claim to offer price comparisons for parking providers. These sites can be useful but only provide information about providers who have signed up. Many providers are not listed. These sites offer airport parking. Make sure to check the distance from the airport, the shuttle frequency, security, and staff hours.