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Best Coffee Shops to Visit in Jakarta

Jakarta in Indonesia is home to some of the finest coffee shops. Coffee has become quite popular in the last few years in Indonesia especially in Jakarta due to foreigners coming over and asking for during their vacation. Once you are done with the activities and sight-seeing in Jakarta, these are some of the best coffee shops you need to visit to get your energy boost.


  1. Ottoman’s Coffee Brewers – You will find this coffee shop packed with coffee enthusiasts on a daily basis. The interiors of this shop tend to be more on the pink color side. In fact, ordering a cup of expresso will be served in a pink colored cup. Make sure you try their hot pin latte comprising a mixture of several herbs and beetroot.
  2. Twentyfifth – Located in the south side of Jakarta in KebayoranBaru, Twentyfifth café is spacious comprising of beautiful interior decorations. The presence of wooden chairs, ceramic sugar containers, terracotta pots gives this place a homey experience.
  3. Samakamu – This place is known to serve iced coffee milk that has the regular strong coffee taste however, with milky texture. Even after the ice is completely melted, presence of strong and creamy taste does not leave.
  4. Brew & Wood – If you wish to experience a calm ambience while enjoying your favorite coffee drink, then try out Brew & Wood. With transparent glass lining on the front, people from the outside will be tempted to come inside and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee.

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