There are projects that he never managed to achieve, and for those who, for example, only have the well-known intention of making a flag of Catalonia more than twenty meters high, made in mosaic and overlaid on a rock of Montserrat, with a monumental bell made by subscription of all the Catalan land , as he himself said.

Or some design such as, according to Ràfols, one of the eight monumental lanterns (see the height of a man in relation to its dimensions) that they wanted to put in the year 1880 in a walk from Barcelona near the sea. It had to be a permanent and solemn tribute to the great admirals of the Catalan navy and to the prowess of our nation that legislated, as Gaudí himself wrote in 1878: ” laws that are still considered as true models in the nations more advanced and that keep, as a treasure, the navigation charters of the
Catalan seas.

The “thing” that is now where Gaudí wanted to place the lanterns of the Admirals.

Also in 1907, he proposed the realization of a gigantic sundial, as a monument to celebrate the anniversary of the birth of King James I, Conqueror of Valencia and Mallorca.
In 1910 he proposed the elaboration of several projects to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the birth of the Catalan philosopher Jaume Balmes. The City Council cut them out by charging only two streetlights, which were removed in 1924.