LED Pool Lights


The primary purpose of LED pool lights is to increase the light level in the pool water. These lights can be used both above and below water. Many pool owners have replaced their old pool lights with LEDs because of this fact. In-ground pool owners who have recently or are considering installing one have also chosen LED pool lights. The switch is easy to maintain, more energy-efficient and has brighter underwater lighting. This allows for clear swimming and better use of the above-ground space.

LED lights can be customized to change the color of your underwater lighting system. There are LED lights available in nearly every color of the spectrum. To enhance the ambiance, colored LED lights can be placed above ground. Preset programs allow color LED lights to be programmed with preset colors so that they can change smoothly and predictably. This is a benefit for those who use the pool or deck area as a place to relax, party, or romantically. LED lights are comparable to traditional fiber optic pool lighting, and they can also be energy efficient to reduce energy costs.

While the initial cost of installing LED pool lights is slightly more than traditional pool lighting, the savings in the long-term due to lower energy costs, as well as the increased durability and life expectancy, are well worth it. Because LED pool lights consume only a fraction of the energy, they are more efficient than halogen or incandescent lighting systems.

LED lights work without glass filaments or tugging. They are more resistant to vibration and can absorb shocks better than any glass. LED lighting is easier to install and more affordable for smaller spaces, such as hot tubs and spas. These smaller spaces are also less susceptible to external radicals like wind, dust, and vibration.

Many pool owners are looking for environmentally friendly components to include in their pools. For pool owners who are in this category, LED is a great option. LED lights are very eco-friendly and don’t have any harmful after-effects or components.