Know How You Want To Be A Wine Judge?

The title of the wine judge's position shows a good picture of a victor who tasted proudly and attached a gold sticker and pulled out a winning bottle. As always, there are more stories.

Wine judges work in local, national and international competitions throughout the world. There are many people who get press attention, but they are only a small part of the taste network that offers tasting opportunities. You want to get more information regarding wine tasting via sommwine

Compared to many other careers in the WSET career series, wine assessment does not play a full-time role. There are judges who travel from city to city and take part in many competitions. But in general, the company will hire judges: retailers, sommeliers, agents, teachers, journalists, winegrowers.

Understand the competition

The best version is the performance system, where you can start the day as a single taster. Because the discussion only takes place at the end of the composition, you must not only be a good taster, but also a good participant in the notes so that you can discuss and defend your choices later.

Sometimes grapes are valued individually and not in groups of 5 or 10, for example. Of course, this is to avoid unfair comparisons, although I prefer to judge penalties. No written description is needed, and my first experience with OIV shows that discussion is not allowed. 

Of course, this avoids people dominating the table, but it means that as a guest judge you cannot learn from local experts or encourage a colleague to review and reconsider.

Remember that in the end, you are a judge of winemakers and brand owners. You want to enter or remain in your market, and got medals and different results allow you to do it. Like a good parent or teacher, try to find good points in each wine.