Italian Black Truffle Salt Recipes

Black truffles are the dried outer parts of a subterranean fungus, most often one of the several species of the genus Tuber. There are about sixty-five different species, all belonging to the Ascomycota or rootless variety. Most of them are considered to be nocturnal because they are found growing below the earth's surface. They can live both on trees and in the soil. They look like mushrooms, but their appearance differs from one variety to another. In order to attract more customers for its products, this fungus has been known to create spectacularly colored truffles, each one having its own distinctive shape and size.

Because of its unique characteristics, black truffle sea salt has become a food that is sought after by connoisseurs. Among its many attributes are its intense and distinctive flavor, which can be compared to a type of Champagne or Sauternes. Another good characteristic of this salt is that it can be prepared in several ways, you can use it as a flavoring for cooking, as a topping for baked desserts, or mixed in with meat, fish, or seafood.

As a seasoning for fish or as a flavor for baked goods, black truffle salt makes an excellent addition to your pantry. For example, when preparing fried fish, you can drizzle it over the top. Alternatively, it can be sprinkled on top of baked potatoes or vegetables or used as a savory base for sauces and gravies. The salt also goes great on sauteed or broiled dishes that are rich in flavor.

A great way to enjoy black truffle salt is to sprinkle it on your favorite dishes right at the beginning. For example, you can set up a black truffle salt spray for any number of baked foods and use it as a rub for bread, cakes, and cookies. Just remember to let the dust settle first before sprinkling it onto your favorite dishes. The salty taste of it will actually enhance the flavor of your food. It can also be used as a bread spread or margarine spreads. In fact, it is so popular that there are now many different spreads and margarine that contain it.

In addition to using it as a popular seasoning for fish, it is also becoming a popular choice for adding freshness and color to salad dressings and even tomato sauces. Don't be surprised if your dining partners ask you where you got your favorite black truffle salt. If you tell them you got it from the "gourmet market", they will most likely never guess that you were talking about salt. Most consumers do not realize just how versatile this salt can be.

When it comes to cooking, the most common way to add it to a dish is to use it as an ingredient or a finishing salt. This is due to the intense flavor of it. Italian black truffle salt works great in many recipes, although it does take some time to blend the dry form with a liquid and have the desired flavor.

One of my favorites Italian black truffle salt recipes calls for lemon juice, white wine, Rosemary, garlic, and dill. Mix all these ingredients together and let them steep for approximately three minutes. Once they have finished their soak, sprinkle on the salt and shake well. Pour the mixture into two separate bowls and stir until the salt is completely coated. Set aside.

Using this salty Italian black truffle salt in your cooking has many positive benefits. Although it takes time to make this delicious dish, you will find that the flavor is well worth the wait. It goes great with seafood, chicken, and even vegetables. I hope that you have enjoyed this long way around the block on your search for healthy summer recipes.