Is Whole Life Insurance Right For You?

Initially, life insurance companies only offered one type of life insurance: term life insurance. But as time goes by, people start to think that life can't be the best for everyone. Insurance companies responded with what is now known as "lifetime" products.

Insurance companies earn significantly more from lifetime premiums than they do from fixed-term premiums for the same amount of coverage in the event of death, and these premiums are often paid to the company for a much longer period. You can also read the best MassMutual whole life insurance review to get the best life insurance.

Life Insurance

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In addition, life insurance companies sweeten overall life insurance by offering the insured cashback in the form of dividends on the company's return on investment. These dividends are accumulated as "monetary value" in the policy.

The monetary value of a lifetime policy grew only very slowly at first, as in the early years most of the premium was used to finance overhead for office administration, staff salaries, and commissions for typing agencies. 

Over time, the monetary value of a life policy will grow faster. If the policy is held long enough, the insured may eventually pay for the policy himself; the amount of dividend yield exceeds the amount of premium to be paid.

Most lifetime policies expire before the insured dies if the insured lives long enough. Many life insurance companies are also financial services companies and can offer boats as mutual funds to help people do this.