How To Prepare For A Scuba Diving Emergency

No matter how good and experienced is a diver, an emergency can occur in and out of the water. Problems can arise without any sign or warning due to medical conditions, sudden changes in the environment or equipment failure.

However, the cause of most diver emergencies is the lack of judgment. Following some important pointers for children to be prepared for an emergency diver at scuba camp.

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Having a first aid kit well equipped and know how to use it. Most items in the first aid kit are designed to address problems or minor injuries.

Many organizations in Maryland have equipped first aid kits for sale that you might want to stock up for specific diving needs.

For kids' protection, the kit should include vinyl or latex disposable gloves, a pocket mask with a one-way valve for rescue breathing, a diver does not respond and a mask to prevent inhalation of infectious organisms.

The whole first-aid supplies should be stored in a non-corrosive case, water-resistant to protect your computer. It should also include a blackboard or a laminated sheet with all important emergency numbers in the area that are diving in to be able to ask for help immediately.

Some coins for using a public phone could also be useful. Do not hesitate to ask your local dive center for the latest emergency assistance plan.

Have a system supply emergency oxygen available. Case studies have shown that oxygen delivery is the first important step that helps more diving accidents related to diving.