How to Find Optimal Air Compressor Oil?

The first thing you need to know is that you should use non-detergent oil. The reason for this is that the air compressor engine produces no combustible materials and residues as a normal engine makes. So, any air compressor oil is a non-detergent. Currently, you have two types of oil.

If you are thinking of using a reliable air compressor (which is also called plitelig luftkompressor in the Norwegian language) for the purpose heavy duty, I would recommend synthetic oil.

For most of the use of the house, you really fine with a standard compressor oils because you do not really need the advantages provided synthetic oils, so it has less oil is not so bad as it will be for industrial use.

Air compressors throughout the run will satisfy the 30 weight typical air compressor oils but you must admit that this oil to operate optimally at a temperature of 36 to nearly 100 degrees. If you need to use a compressor at a lower temperature, twenty weight oil recommended. General guideline is that the warm weather, the more weight you want and vice versa.

The first option is oil made for your exact compressor. Both depend on how much you use your compressor. If you do not use a compressor to the service industry or extreme, it is best to go with a general thirty weight non-detergent oil (heavy modify to meet your climate work in).

If the air compressor is used for industrial or heavy duty, you should really go with synthetic compressor oil. Using other oils is not so effective when it happens.