How to Deal With Kidney Failure

When the kidneys stop functioning, a medical condition called Acute Renal Failure (ARF). This requires immediate medical attention. The kidneys clean the blood and secrete liquid waste through urine. Prolonged failure or damage will result in a fatal blood infection.

The first step for doctors is to identify the cause of failure. There are several types of ARF and there are solutions respectively. If you suffer from truvada kidney failure due to medical negligence, you can simply hire kidney failure lawyers online.

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Pre-renal ARF

It is caused by lack of blood flow in the kidney. Kidney works on low power (blood carrying oxygen to it) and eventually fail. This may be caused by blood loss or dehydration.

For dehydration, oral rehydration salts or injection is required. Blood transfusion should be performed in patients with blood loss. Restore water levels and blood will help the work of the kidneys again.

Post-Renal ARF

This kind of ARF is caused by separate bodies of the renal system. These agencies were blocking the hallway of urine, causing organ failure. Common perpetrators are renal calculi or kidney stones. A swollen prostate gland can also cause problems. Motor accident can also clog the tubules for urine.

The treatment is to remove the barrier. Blocked or damaged tubules can be cut and grafted to restore urine passage. As for kidney stones, oral medication can be used to disperse them. If the stone is too large, the doctor can perform open surgery.