How Regular Sewer Cleaning And Maintenance Can Prevent Backups

Regular sewer cleaning and plumbing maintenance in your home can help prevent congestion. Depending on the type of municipal sewage system, two types of backup can occur. For those in rural areas, wastewater is discharged into septic tanks or asylum fields.

Residences in suburban and urban areas are more likely to be connected to municipal sewage systems. A backup septic tank means that the waste is returned to the home via a sewer pipe. Drain cleaning in Miami is dangerous and expensive.

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Municipal sewage reserves typically contain runoff from rainwater and house runoff, which are slightly less hazardous but can cause extensive and costly damage. There are steps homeowners can take to protect themselves from the inconvenience and expense of filing.

The first thing homeowners need to know is that their system is not designed to work with any particular material. Spilling things like grease, oil, and grease down the drain builds up over time and eventually clogs the pipe, requiring sewer cleaning. Hot water running with the oil only pushes it further into the system, allowing the deposits to settle deeper in the pipes.

Solvents, paints, and other harsh chemicals can also damage the exhaust system, making drain cleaning more dangerous and expensive. Solids, such as kitchen waste, should not be drained down the drain. Garbage systems can also cause problems if overused. Homeowners should consider composting kitchen waste to avoid overloading the exhaust system.