How Google Chrome Extensions Can Change Your Browsing Experience?

Google Chrome offers one of the best browsing experiences for PC users.

One of the best things about this browser is Chrome Extensions. They 'extend' feature of your browser Chrome to add functionality. With their help you can greatly improve your browsing experience. Get to know about sign documents directly from Google Drive via eSign Genie

For office workers

Are you trying to be 'employee of the month' or browsing a web page that you do not have to look at while at work, there is a Chrome extension made just for you.

Image Source: Google 

Staying focus is the perfect app if you want to focus on your job and actually get something done. This restricts your time browsing other websites that will distract you. You can view as many pages as you can and hide them all at once with one click. This is a great extension for those who are too busy browsing but do not want to get stuck.

For a series of social media users

Hootlet is a useful extension developed by Hootsuite, third-party social media manager. Hootsuite allows you to create and schedule content on various social networks including Facebook and Twitter. Hootlet has the same features except it lets you perform this action directly from the Chrome browser.

Users who are more active on Google should install CircleCount, third-party tools for the analysis of this social platform. This allows you to keep track of your followers, recent posts, and more – as well as people or brands you follow, or do you consider the competition.