A lot of brands are turning their focus to e-commerce, and are looking to bring in those critical, strategic roles to grow revenue. E-commerce companies are looking for account managers to strengthen vendor relationships, to nurture those accounts, implement new account strategies, all to exceed sales goals. You can check this link get best recruitment agency.

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These professionals manage the various companies or vendors whose products are sold on a particular e-retail platform.

For companies looking to attract e-commerce talent, it totally depends on the candidate. But I find that often candidates are interested in larger, well-established companies. I believe this is because they may want to have that company name on their resume.

Perhaps they won’t stay at this company for a really long time, but they want to get in there at some point in their career to really understand the business and develop professionally at such a large e-commerce company. After that, they may be willing to consider a smaller company where they’re able to take that knowledge that they gained from a larger company, and are now able to apply it to get a smaller e-commerce business up and running.