Choosing nourishment Test Kit to Conduct Medical Checks

Conducting nicotine evaluation as part of pre-insurance medical checkups is a frequent practice by insurers.  These days, an assortment of nicotine evaluation kits can be found in the marketplace making it simple for insurance companies to run nicotine evaluation without needing to get the help of healthcare professionals. Discover more about nourishment test kits through

Choosing nourishment Test Kit to Conduct Medical Checks

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But, picking reliable kits which efficiently discover nicotine users is vital for appropriate decision making. This report provides you with a very clear image on several different nicotine evaluation kits, their functioning principle as well as also the pros and cons that will assist you to select reliable ones.

Working principle:

Nicotine test kits operate on the principle of antigen-antibody response or immunoassay response. In lack of smoke, the antibody openly goes and contrasts together with the antigen, colors it, and consequently shows a negative outcome.

In the presence of smoke, the antibody can't color the antigen because cotinine prevents the antibody from bleach the antigen, and consequently shows a favorable outcome. The identical principle applies for kits with urine, blood, and saliva as samples.


Four kinds of these kits are available to detect the existence of nicotine/cotinine in smokers. These include those with saliva, urine, blood, and hair as evaluation samples. Let's discuss each briefly.

Saliva test kits

Sample collection is simple. No privacy problem, you are able to sit with the individual to collect the sample. The detection window is like a pee test.

Sticking to reverses, there's a possibility of misinterpretation of smoking amounts as smoking can enter the body through food besides tobacco products.